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Whether you are visiting the doctor, voting in an election, landing a dream job, or curling up on the couch with a good book – the ability to read is important. DSACO is dedicating funds to support 1:1 tutoring sessions with trained reading professionals.

Our mission is to promote improved literacy outcomes, enhance self-confidence, and increase quality of life for adults with Down syndrome.

Our vision is to connect adults with Down syndrome with highly qualified tutors who can build on reading abilities and address gaps in foundational reading skills.

DSACO’s adult literacy program is grounded in the basic principles outlined below:

  • Life-Long Learning. We believe that with motivation and the right supports in place, it is never too late to learn something new.

  • Meaningful & Relevant. Tutors will work in partnership with the adult learners and their families to create goals that are applicable to their lives. For some, this will mean goals related to Alphabet ID, blending vowels, etc. For others, this could mean mastering the vocabulary from the menu at the restaurant where they are employed.

  • Learner-Driven. From the interview process to the goal setting phase, every aspect of the program is centered around the adult learner.

  • Research-based. While every learner is different and there is no uniform curriculum associated with our program, there are proven strategies that our tutors will embrace during implementation of their 1:1 tutoring sessions.

How Does it Work for Adult Learners?

DSACO’s Adult Literacy Pilot aims to connect adults with Down syndrome with experienced reading tutors to provide structured, meaningful, 1:1 support.

Once approved, adult learners can browse available tutors in their area and connect with someone who would be a good fit.

After completing an introductory interview, adult learners are then able to use their DSACO funding package to *book tutoring sessions with their preferred tutor.

Each participant will participate in a pre-assessment to determine the learner’s baseline levels. In partnership with the adult and their family, the tutor will use the assessment to determine 1-2 focus areas and deliver targeted, 1:1 instruction.

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Booking system

*We use a scheduling platform called AppointmentPlus which houses tutor availability and funding packages. All interviews and paid appointments must be booked through this platform.

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Families or educators who have questions about this program can reach out to Rachel at

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How Does it Work for Tutors?

Tutors must have a strong background in reading knowledge and structured reading instruction.

Once approved, tutors submit a bio and participate in an orientation. Tutors must commit to meeting with their adult learners 2x per week and submit monthly progress reports. This is a wonderful opportunity for highly qualified reading professionals to make a
life-changing impact outside of the traditional classroom setting.

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